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The award-winning Gabrielli Truck Sales and Service team makes your job in the trucking industry easier with one-stop shopping for all your trucking needs. Our experienced sales force works with you to ensure your new, used, or leased truck is properly spec’d to suit your application and they’ll offer you the best value for your trade. You’ll find acres of new and used-truck inventory in the metropolitan area. Our on-site inventory includes a large selection of units with installed bodies, so your truck can hit the job site running and start earning its keep.
Gabrielli Truck Sales Ltd. knows that a truck purchase is just the beginning of an important business relationship. The Gabrielli mission statement - to grow our business by helping our customers grow theirs - is a commitment to customer satisfaction that has allowed us to flourish in the New York metropolitan area. More than just lip service, it’s a commitment from over 500 employees dedicated to serving our customers in the New York area. So whatever your business is, we will help you move it forward - one truck at a time. 

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